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Toum Tiou II Cruise

Toum Tiou II, which was built in 2008 in Saigon, Vietnam, is inspired from the story of two young lovers Toum and Tiou, the Cambodian Romeo and Juliet, who are stopped by an ambitious mother. The mother of Tiou who wants her daughter to be married to the King, but finally both of the youngsters die for true love.... The Toum Tiou II, like its sister vessel Toum Tiou, differs from other Mekong river boats as it is able to offer a true cruising experience between Siem Reap and Saigon. Not only can passengers sail the entire journey on the river but they also sail in close proximity to the river line; allowing them an unobstructed view of the delightfully rustic existence of the people in the vicinity.

The Toum Tiou II cruise is built with 38 meters of the length and 8 meters of the width. This charismatic mekong boat has 14 cozy cabins following the colonial style of her mother, Toum Tiou. Each cabin is built with noble wood in an elegant style, has its own A/C, hot water shower, security safe and a large window for spectacular view of the nature. Public areas like a panoramic, open restaurant which is matchless on the River and a spacious sun deck also add to be facilities of the boat. Toum Tiou 2’s kitchen is famous for its variety of Asian food and smiley cooks..Toum Tiou 2’s equipment also contains a powerful filtration/chlorination system for water safety. Laundry service is also available onboard. During cruises TTII offers full board with Asian/Western food, daily excursions, free coffee and tea and uniterrupted sailing with spectacular view of the Mekong nature.
Toum Tiou II Cruise
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