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Mien Tay Sampan

Built with inspirations from the local traditional sampans having navigated on the rivers for hundreds of years, Mien Tay Sampan will take you to every little corner of the Mekong Delta with a true sense of pioneering adventure.

Designed for a pleasant long cruise, the boat offers 1 well ventilated compartment which could be used as a dining room as well as bedroom with couchettes available for groups of 2 to 16 persons maximum. In addition, there is one kitchen, three restrooms with showers and terrace on deck for the very best view of Mekong River and the delta. Mien Tay Sampan is perfect for a small group tour private charter in Mekong Delta.

Onboard with you is a five-person crew including a captain, a mechanic, a chief, a sailor and a guide, all at your service. Aboard Mien Tay Sampan, you will be amazed at the immensity and infinity of the Mekong. With its small shape and practical design, the Mien Tay can bring you to every little corner of this exotic land with a true sense of discovery and adventure. You will be welcomed by smiling and open hearted people of Mekong Delta and be integrated in local daily life on and around the water.

Safety instruction signs are available in all cabins and public areas. Life jackets are kept in your wardrobe and also in main public areas. In case of emergency, each passenger is requested to proceed at once to the muster stations indicated with signs and await instructions. Mien Tay boats are equipped with 220 volts, with European and American standard sockets. Other types of electrical adaptors are available upon request. Bottled water is provided onboard daily. The boats also bring along enough clean fresh water the entire trip.

Mien Tay Sampan
Duration:  2-day
Group size:  up to 16 pax
$0.0 (per person)
Duration:  3-day
Group size:  up to 16 pax
$0.0 (per person)

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