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Le Cochinchine Cruise

Le Cochinchine Cruise measures around 30 meters long from bow to stern and has two 420 HP engines, one in back up, making Le Cochinchine Cruise a very powerful and safe river vessel. The cruise is designed with 25 deluxe cabins , each cabin has its own air-conditioning unit, which can be adjusted for your comfort.Le Cochinchine offers an elegant, relaxing and fulfilling ways to explore endless waterways on the Mekong River. The cruise brings us into contact with people in different corners of the delta. With Le Cochinchine, you will have sample opportunity to see Viet Nam in its authenticity and sample local culture and food, in a one unpacking, unforgettable vacation where your "floating hotel" provides you insight into Mekong delta area and quaint villages.

Meals on board Le Cochinchine are taken at one sitting. It is not necessary to sit at the same table each time and we have tables for individuals, couples right up to larger groups. We offer a mixture of local cuisine with richly flavor and taste and there are always vegetarian dishes offered. Passengers requiring special diets, such as vegetarian, low salt and low cholesterol meals, may make their requests to the chef when onboard. The chef will try to honor all requests. Exotic fruit, fresh organic vegetables, locally caught fish and prawns are the preference of most of our passengers.

The sundeck is located on the top of our boat , it is spacious for your relaxation and sunbath. For your enjoyment, there are plenty of deck chairs. Besides, enjoying tours on the cruise, you will have opportunity to attend interesting activities including bicycles on board, rowboat on board, sightseeing excursions and kayaking. Aboard Le Cochinchine you will enjoy the continuous and ever changing scenery as you encounter a lively world of legendary waterways and picturesque landscapes, floating markets, lush bonsai gardens, rice fields, villages, pagodas and temples, fruit filled orchards, boat laden bazaar and a host of smiling children.

Le Cochinchine Cruise
from $224.0 (per person)
Duration:  3-day
Group size:  up to 50 pax
from $370.0 (per person)

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