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Explore Mien Tay on Flooding Season

Leave noisy and crowded city, let’s come to gardens on flooding season (from August to November) to immerse in the charm nature of Mien Tay with Mekong delta tours.

Tram Chim - Flooding season Paradise

                                                                                            Tram Chim National Park on flooding

On flooding season ( between August and November), Tram Chim National Park attracts visitors by vast water ponds, colorful lotus fields and shadow of Melaleuca forests covering down canals.

Sarus Cranes

                                                                                                        Sarus cranes 
In Tram Chim National Park, you will have opportunity to admire peace landscapes and see many kind of rare birds, especially, Sarus Crane - one rare bird in The Red Book.

Ta Pa - Water rice valley

Ta Pa valley

                                                                                                              Rice fields in Ta Pa valley
On the flooding season, Ta Pa rice paddy in Tri Ton, An Giang stretches with a green rice area and jaggery lines in blue sky. Ta Pa is considered a unique terraced field in Mekong Delta. Nothing is wonderful to admire silky green rice paddy as a giant carpet among nature.

Sky mirror lake - Bung Binh Thien

Quit far from the crowded streets to find little peace and coolness between green space spreadìng out-of sight. This is a vast water area considered as a water-color painting with flowers and trees in poetic blue sky.

Bung Binh Thien

                                                                                                     Lake in Bung Binh Thien

Cai Rang Floating Market

Visiting Can Tho on flooding season, you can not miss chance to explore Cai Rang floating market, one of three largest floating markets in west southern Vietnam. Every day, there are hundreds of boats floating there.

Cai Rang floating market

                                                                                                         Cai Rang Floating Market 
The market often begins on early morning and lasts to 10.00 am. Which make this market special is that all famous fruits of southern Vietnam is sell there including Vinh Long Nam Roi pomeloes, Lai Vung tangerines, Cai Mon durians ….
Joining Cai Rang market, you will experience floating life among water nature, see sunrise and feel bustling scene here. In additions, It is very interesting in exploring Cai Be (Tien Giang), Long Xuyen (An Giang) and Tra On (Vinh Long) markets

Orchard Gardens

This is also opportunity to enjoy special fruits of Mekong Delta. Some famous fruit gardens you can add your reference include gardens in Cai Be, Vinh Kim (Tien Giang), Cai Mon(Be Tre), My Khanh(Can Tho),etc,.