Cai Be, My Tho or Ben Tre? Which tour should you purchase?

Cai Be, My Tho or Ben Tre? Which tour should you purchase?

 Cai Be of My Tho and Ben Tre own the unique and distinct characteristics, attracting many travelers. These places are considered the most famous destinations when speaking of Mekong Delta. 

But you are confusing between Ben Tre or Cai Be for the short trip?

You should spend time to read the post carefully to have more useful information which will help you choose the best one for your trip. Click out now!

Cai Be floating market

Cai Be floating market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in My Tho that you should not miss. This market is located in Tan Phong islet on the Tien river bordering the three provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Ben Tre. To admire the vibrant atmosphere of the market, we got up from 5:00 AM, ate a bowl of rice noodle and prepared to visit here. At 6:00, the boat started to bring us along the Tien River, flowing through many houses to discover the market. The first impression of us was the vast space of water interfering with the sky. Here, we had the opportunity to admire the trading activities on the river and learn about the lives of people in the Southwest.

Cai Be floating market

The main business items of the boats here are agricultural products. The goods are diversified and plentiful, especially fruits because Cai Be has the largest number of fruit gardens in Tien Giang province, with the famous delicious fruits such as oranges, pomelo, tangerine, etc and is also a fruit transit station transferring fruits to all over the country. Exploring Cai Be floating market, we also enjoyed many interesting services on small canoes that sold food such as rice, pho, noodles, groceries, or a fragrant cup of coffee in the morning.

However, the only drawback of Cai Be is that its scale is not as large as the Cai Rang market. After 8:00 AM, the space in Cai Be starts to be sparse, so if you want to learn more, you should get here early. Cai Be floating market will be more suitable for those who like the relaxing moment on the river. In return, the price for a boat tour here is quite reasonable, ranging from VND 200,000-300,000/guest. Floating in the middle of the river, watching the cloudy sky, you will surely like the wonderful and peaceful moments.

Ben Tre orchards

Ben Tre is considered the homeland of coconut in Vietnam, so it is indisputable to say that the most attractive spot here is the orchards with all kinds of fresh tropical fruits. Not only can you admire the rich sources of tasty fruits but here, you can also freely try and buy them as gifts for family and friends.

Cai Be, My Tho or Ben Tre? Which tour should you purchase?

On a Ben Tre boat tour, we were transferred along Tien river to admire the four famous animal islets of Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, and Phoenix, and stopped by Phoenix islet. The island attracted us with the fruitful gardens of durian, ripe rambutan, green pomelo, and many other attractive fruit trees. As a result, this is named the kingdom of the largest fruit source of Ben Tre in particular and the Southwest region in general. Not only can you come to the garden and enjoy delicious ripe fruits, but you can also be introduced and guided by the garden owner to take care of the plants.

In addition to enjoying fruit, visitors also have the opportunity to taste rare honey tea, listen to Southern amateur music, take part in amusing activities such as catching fish in the drain, moving by rowboat or horse-drawn carriage, and learn the process of making coconut candy at a traditional coconut candy factory, etc. Here, visitors will explore the river world with countless rustic features.

On the other hand, while you can visit Cai Be at any time of the year, Ben Tre orchards are more attractive in the summer when there are plenty of ripe fruits, of which the perfect time here is from May to August. The price for a boat tour to the island is around VND 1 million/guest.

River tourism is a feature of the Mekong Delta. Visiting the crowded space in many floating markets, exploring the fruit gardens on islands to enjoy delicious fruits are among the interesting things that river tourism brings to travelers. For further information, feel free to contact us or visit our website. If our reviews are useful for your trip, don’t hesitate to like and share it with others. Thank you and hope you will have fun here.