Dong Thap cuisine: a real treat of Mekong Delta

Dong Thap cuisine: a real treat of Mekong Delta

When talking about Mekong Delta, almost tourists think about Mekong Delta cruise but Dong Thap Province also has a wonderful and attractive cuisine which will make you fall in love in the first enjoying.

When visiting Dong Thap, tourists will have the chance to admire various attractive destinations for tourists such as Tram Chim National Park, Gao Giong Eco-Tourism Park, Xeo Quyt Eco-tourism site, Sa Dec flower village, and the ancient house of Huynh Thuy Le, and Kien An Cung Pagoda.

Dong Thap cuisine

However, the province also offers exotic delicious dishes. Upon arrival at Tram Chim, you should treat yourselves to lunch inside a canal-side bamboo tent surrounded by cajuput forests, fields of green grass Eleocharis, and different species of birds. Paddy field mice have been a specialty of the Mekong Delta since the early days of land reclamation. It also reflects the lifestyle of people of the delta: just eat what you have. When visiting the place, tourist will admire the deep fried mice which do not only look eye-catching but it is really mouthwatering. The meat tastes soft, sweet and fragrant. Grilled snakehead fish covered in young lotus leaves is another specialty of Dong Thap, the cradle of lotus in the south.

The fish is grilled in the genuine style of southern farmers. A bamboo stick is pierced through the fish before it is grilled over a coal fire and then wrapped in a fresh lotus leaf. The fragrance of the grilled fish mingled with the pleasant smell of the lotus leaf is something tourists to the delta would not forget.

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