Useful tips for traveling to Mekong Delta

Useful tips for traveling to Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is the perfect and ideal destination to travel with beautiful landscapes and interesting activities as well as friendly people When visiting the place, you will fall in love for the first time.

So, are you looking for useful information about the land to plan your summer trip? 

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  • Best time for traveling to Mekong Delta
  • Tips for choosing the right luggage for Mekong Delta trip
  • Best place for traveling in Mekong Delta

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1/ Time for traveling to Mekong Delta

Useful tips for travelling to Mekong Delta

Tourists can spend time traveling to Mekong Delta at any time of year but according to local people, the best time to visit this area is around March to May and September to November. The reason is that the climate in the West has two distinct seasons including the rainy season and the dry season. If coming in the remaining months is in the rainy season and the weather is very erratic. Therefore, if you want to admire the beauty of Mekong Delta, you should spend time enjoying the trip during the time of the year.

Besides, visitors who want to go to the West can choose different types of vehicles. Those who are far away are the most suitable vehicles. You can take a trip to Can Tho airport and start your journey. If closer, visitors can choose a bus or a private motorbike. When travelling to the West, you can travel between locations by motorbike or renting boats and boats to travel.

2/ Tips for choosing the best luggage for traveling to Mekong Delta

Besides choosing the best time for traveling to Mekong Delta, tourists should also refer to how to choose the suitable luggage for enjoying Mekong River Cruise Tours. When starting your trip, you should choose the right luggage, not to carry too much will be difficult to move. The weather here is very pleasant, so just choose the normal suit and jacket to avoid the sun. Furthermore, this place has a mostly river terrain, so clothes also need to be coloured and easy to wash to avoid being soiled and difficult to wash. For shoes, you should choose a soft sole or flip-flops instead of high heels. Because moving on a boat will be quite difficult. Moreover, one of the most important things for you when deciding to visit Mekong Delta is that visitors should bring insect repellent, prepare extra sticks and flashlights to make the trip more perfect.

3/ Place for travelling in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is a wonderful destination for enjoying in Vietnam. There are a lot of amazing and interesting places for traveling in there. The West is an area of 12 provinces with 1 city. Therefore, this place has many interesting tourist destinations. With our knowledge and experience in Mekong Delta, we suggest a few places for your self-sufficient Mekong Delta tour.

Useful tips for travelling to Mekong Delta

Firstly, when visiting Long An, this is a province adjacent to Saigon candle is a tourist attraction. In Long An, you should visit Dong Thap Muoi. This is an eco-tourism area with wild beauty and rich flora and fauna. A tourist attraction not to be missed. In addition, in Long An, there is also a Tan Lap floating village which gives visitors the feeling of being lost in the first place. The next place in the self-sufficient Mekong Delta Tour is Tien Giang.

There are many famous tourist sites here. If you want spiritual tourism, there is Vong Trang Pagoda. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy ecotourism places, you can visit Dong Tam snake farm where many rare and precious snakes are nurtured. Even more Western-style, there were fruit-laden gardens is Ben Tre. This is the ideal place when you do not know where tourists should go. This is a very famous land for green coconut trees. In addition, there is also Long Lan Quy Phung eco-tourism area which is very attractive to tourists.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy some things new and attractive, you don’t forget to enjoy Ca Mau which is considered as the must-see destinations in Mekong Delta. When visiting Ca Mau, you will admire the beauty of the end of the country. There are also many interesting places to visit such as Dam Thi Tuong, its specialities.

Besides these wonderful and interesting destinations above, Mekong Delta is also famous with a lot of attractive things such as local foods and culture. It is the reason why you should spend the time to visit and enjoy the place one time. Furthermore, floating market is also a wonderful and interesting place for enjoying in there, but if you want to enjoy the place, you have to visit and homestay at local people for joining the place in the early morning because the market opens from 6.00 am to 8 am only.

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