Characteristics of people in Mekong Delta

Characteristics of people in Mekong Delta

Sailing boats to Mekong Delta, visitors are attracted not only by beautiful and peaceful landscapes, bustling floating markets, or endless green rice paddies or luxuriant orchard gardens but also by common and outstanding characteristics of local people.

Mekong Delta - the meeting point of favorable natural conditions, international waterways and different cultures have built up these and characteristics of people here, so why Mekong Delta people give visitors memorable impressions, let’s understand their characteristics.

1. Forgiveness

First of all, forgiveness has lead to the multi-culture of Mekong Delta. During the reclaiming time, different ethnics with different culture and customs co-inhabit in a land; therefore, they had to accept and respect the others’ difference. Nowadays, ethnics live together in harmony; each has its own culture and lifestyle.

Secondly, different religions co-exist in the highest density in the country in Mekong Delta. There are at least four religions of Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity, and Hindu in this land. Especially, there has been interaction among different religions.

Thirdly, characteristic of people in Mekong Delta is the unity of extremely opposite characters. For example, people in Mekong Delta work extremely hard and then play excessively hard. Interestingly, when they love someone, they will show all their hearts and souls for the other; however, if they hate someone, they even do not want to look at or talk with that one. This characteristic of people in Mekong Delta conflicts with people in the north who favored harmony and equivocacy.

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2. Dynamic

The dynamic in the characteristic of people in Mekong Delta is a result of many factors.
First of all, Mekong Delta is a multi-cultural land, and the interaction between cultures is quite strong. Moreover, Mekong Delta has a long time under the governance of the French colony and then the influence of American culture (in the 19th and 20th century). Secondly, the first immigrants into Mekong Delta are almost the unlucky ones (poor and low social status). Therefore, they had to struggle to survive: fight with harsh nature, find new ways to fish and farm. Due to the above reasons, most people in the Mekong Delta are dynamic which is reflected in their lifestyle.

Firstly, people in the Mekong Delta are easy to change their places of living. They do not attach their whole life with a particular village like people in the north. If their current living place is not favorable, they will move to more fertile land to live and farm. It is also easy for people in Mekong Delta to change their jobs.

The dynamic in the characteristic of people in Mekong Delta leads to many results. First of all, they are easy to adapt the new things (cuisine, costume, custom). The second result of the dynamic is creativity. Their creativity is represented in innovations in fishing and farming as well as producing. Moreover, the dynamic is also the encouragement for the development of commerce and trading. While people in the north consider commerce as something bad, people in Mekong Delta. Last but not least, people in Mekong Delta have risk-taking spirit in doing business.

3. Emotional and righteous

The long history of reclamation has also formed the characteristics of emotional and righteous of people in Mekong Delta. People from different lands come here, live together and help each other. As a result, people here respect the relationship between them. They can make friend easily and promise to share happiness as well as sorrows. People in Mekong Delta are quite reckless but righteous. They are not afraid of death; they are ready to die for their brothers and friends. Especially, the way people here express their love is very drastic and direct which is reflected in folk-song: “Even if I die, I will never leave you behind” or “As this night is so nice, could you let me sleep beside?”

Emotional and righteous, people in Mekong Delta disregard for money because for them, strings attached people are the most important. They can give everything they have to others who are in need because they believe that property is easy to come and easy go.

Emotional and righteous, people in Mekong Delta are amazingly hospitable. Any comes are also considered a friend and warmly welcomed. People here will serve guests the best things they have because making guests happy and satisfied is their happiness.

Emotional and righteous, people in Mekong Delta are straightforward and blunt. They say what they think without considering about losing other’s face. For them, love or hate should be clearly expressed; there is no place for a neutral attitude.

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4. Practical

The combination of Vietnamese tradition and Western culture, people in the Mekong Delta are practical. The characteristic of practical is represented in lifestyle, custom, and literature.

Firstly, people in Mekong Delta value content over the appearance. The way they live, wear, eat, think and communicate are all simple. The most famous literary work in Mekong Delta - “Luc Van Tien” which is written in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Secondly, people in Mekong Delta prefer usual and humorous things to profound philosophy. Their sense of humor is also expressed in the gentle and simple way, not as abstruse as people in the north.
Thirdly, in Mekong Delta, people would rather do business than learn higher and higher to become officials. For them, earning money is more important than learning.

Last but not least, people in the Mekong Delta are absolutely open-minded. They believe that they just have to live for today without worrying about tomorrow. Contrasting to people in the north tend to save as more as possible, people in Mekong Delta will spend all they can earn today and tomorrow they will continue earning money. Their common saying is: “Take it easy”. 

Overall, people in Mekong Delta are friendly, hospitable and humorous who will be the best host for any tourists who coming there to explore the land and the culture of Mekong Delta.

Besides the friendliness and hospitality of the people, Mekong Delta also has a lot of interesting things awaiting you to explore. Let's take Mekong tours right now and discover yourself how amazing this region is. If you find this article useful, please share with others. Thank you!