Visit Mekong Delta Floating Houses And Fish Farms

Visit Mekong Delta Floating Houses And Fish Farms

You can find these floating houses pretty much all around Asia. The Asian houseboats are varied and fascinating in many ways. You can witness the bustle of the floating villages in the Mekong delta, for example in Chau Doc. The villagers cultivate freshwater fish and shrimps in nets and wire baskets under their houses - a major export product of the region. Laying on Hau river which have direct access into Mekong Delta and where Mekong River flows into. Chau Doc is a place that home to mega fish raised in floating fish farms.


Fishing farm in Chau Doc

Residence and workplace combined

The idea of using the home and to try to earn money with it is very old and comes originally from China.
This traditional way of fish farming is slowly dying, as larger companies are now on land. Mainly catfish and tilapia are cultivated here. Many of the associated fish-processing plants have now settled in the neighborhood.
In Vietnam and all over Asia there are different floating houses which vary in size and traditional crafts. They range from thatched huts to painted house boats with high wooden hulls and colourful houses on floating platforms (these ones are to be found near the islands in Halong Bay).


Catching fish in fish farm

Life in floating villages

Floating houses are common throughout the Mekong delta. But if you want to visit a village which is entirely located on the water, Chau Doc is the best choice. To get Chau Doc fish farming village, you must get to Chau Doc first and then head to Chau Doc market. From there, there are people greeting and asking if you want to join a boat tour to explore Chau Doc floating village. However, you should book Mekong delta tour with local agency to avoid inconveniences. Mekong Delta Tours offers such tours in combination with a river cruise on the Mekong Eyes cruises or the Dragon Eyes boats.

For hundred years, Vietnamese people overpowered Mekong Delta and turned this delta into a rich and beautiful land. So, there are many travel operators offering tours to explore the special features of Mekong Delta. If you want to explore this region, let's book a Mekong tour via our website. Thank you!