A fantastic cruise tour through Mekong Delta to Cambodia from Saigon

A fantastic cruise tour through Mekong Delta to Cambodia from Saigon

Hello friends around the world! Do you have the same feeling with me that Cambodia cruise tour through Mekong Delta is a great experience! If it is a thing, let's follow us in our post today!

In our trip to South Vietnam, we chose to visit Saigon - the most vibrant city in the South and Mekong Delta - the unique river area. It is also the interference of the 2 famous cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia.

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Sa Dec flower village

Sa Dec flower farms

Day 1: Cai Be district orchards

At 7:00 AM, the shuttle bus picked us up in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city to go to Can Tho city. After about 3 hours, we were transferred to the cruise, had a welcome drink, met the cruise staff, and checked in. The cabins on Mekong Eyes Explorer were very clean, airy and comfortable with full of necessary facilities. Especially, with a full-sized glass window, we could have a panoramic view of the Mekong river as long as the islands and floating houses along the trip.

The first point in our vacation is Cai Be district, Tien Giang which is famous for the vast golden rice fields, the orchards with various kinds of delicious tropical fruits like mango, grapefruit, guava, litchi, rambutan, mangosteen, custard apple, etc. Traveling here, we not only enjoyed the rich source of fruit but we also had a wonderful experience with many funny activities operated by the tour guide and the friendly orchard owners. Also, resting on a hammock under the umbrage of a tree here was very comfortable and fresh.

Day 2: Cai Be floating market - Sa Dec flower farms

Cai Be floating market

The local life on Mekong Delta river

The highlight on the second day is the unique Cai Be floating market. Getting up and departing from the early morning while the sun had not risen brought to us a strange feeling that we could not explain. The market was extremely crowded with boats of all kinds of goods and fruits. After exploring some parts of the market and buying fruits, we had a special breakfast right on the boat, which was the dish of Vietnamese rice noodles. It was delicious like those of other localities, but due to the distinct environment, the dish was elevated to another level.

After breakfast, we moved to Tan Phong islet and Sa Dec town. A rowing boat excursion through the hidden small canals of Tan Phong Islet on a sampan was charming with the scenery of local villages, verdant orchards, or rice paddies, etc. Sa Dec is famous for the colorful flower farms and a lot of colonial architecture, from the old market, the church to many old villas and traders’ houses.

Day 3: Cao Lanh ecotourism spot


Durian is one of the most unique fruits in Mekong region

The third day is the day of bird and nature exploration that Gao Giong ecotourism is the most attractive place, home of the largest amount of stock in Dong Thap Muoi. Before visiting the bird garden, each of us was given binoculars and guided to the 18 meter-high observatory. Standing on the observatory deck, we could see almost the entire bird garden. With an area of 36 hectares, this is the habitat of 15 species of waterbirds, of which the largest is the white stork with the number of up to tens of thousands.

Day 4: Phnom Penh of Cambodia

We finished the trip by a speedboat tour through Tonle Sap river of Cambodia to explore the fishing villages, the famous Angkor temples, the buildings of the museum, library, etc, and enjoy the delicious local specialties on a floating restaurant. Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake system in Southeast Asia. Recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve, the lake, also known as the Great Lake, is home to many Vietnamese and Cham communities living on floating houses. Hence, this is also the interference of the 2 cultures with their characteristics of Kampong floating village, floating houses, boats, fish rafts, and people.

If you have plenty of time and want to explore Cambodia more, you can consider the 5-day Mekong Delta - Cambodia cruise tours. With several interesting and unique things to see and do, Mekong Delta region is a place surely making you satisfied and unforgettable. For further information, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Like and share it if the article is useful for you. Thank you.